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We don’t believe sustainable fashion forever has to be an oxymoron. Our products are ethically produced in Borås, Sweden with care for detail, comfort and sustainability. 


We are your go to place for new undies! 


Almost Nude was founded in 2020 by the two friends Fanny Cullborg and Camilla Hopfinger. With a mutual interest in fashion and sustainability we set out on a mission to develop a product that we couldn't find on the market.

It all began when we asked ourselves why almost every nice and flattering pair of panties was made from synthetic materials, even though it’s common knowledge of every person ever wearing lace that it often irritates in one way or another and that synthetic materials definitely not contribute to vaginal health. When turning to the option of wearing underwear our lower abdomen will thank us for, we quickly realized that many of the styles on the market are far from fashionable. In a world where finding comfortable yet flattering underwear felt like an impossible quest, we developed Almost Nude!

"In a world were finding comfortable yet flattering underwear felt like an impossible quest, we developed Almost Nude"

We are proud to say that our production is situated in Borås, Sweden. This has not only enabled us to offer more environmentally, but also ethically sustainable products.


In a world that definitely doesn’t need more seasonal, fast fashion products, we're providing a more sustainable option. We cannot shop our way to sustainability, however, we can make more conscious choices. 


Almost Nude offers high quality underwear in fabric woven and colored in Denmark in OEKO-tex Standard 100 cotton. Meaning there are no no harmful substances used in the process of making the fabric. We think it’s important to always use harmless fabric, especially when producing underwear that we’re wearing close to the body.


We're proud to offer a few elaborate pieces in a timeless design, in a limited range of colors, but in a wide size range.


No matter what, every garment and production has an impact. For as long as this is the case, we’ll keep on striving towards more sustainable options on every level. Because sustainability is not a box to tick, it’s a continuing work in make choices that are as good as possible towards the environment, fellow human beings and the future. 

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